IMG_0591“The kind of book that will inspire … life long lovers of the horror genre” (bookzoneforboys)”There is no denying that David Gatward knows his horror. The Dark is a veritable gore-fest!”(thebookbag)

“It’s not easy to combine this much gore with a sensible plot and developing characters, but I think Gatward has pulled it off in The Dark. Fans of the genre are going to love it.” (thebookbag)

“Motives are hidden, loyalties are mixed and this constant ambiguity ensures that the novel isn’t just another schlock horror” (chicklish)

“Gatward’s world of flayed demons and repurposed religious imagery is clearly reminiscent of early Clive Barker, but there are also nods to Italian splatter legend Lucio Fulci. Fulci’s film THE BEYOND seems to have influenced Gatward’s imagination in realising the grim realm of the dead and its rotting and malevolent inhabitants on the page. How often can you legitimately raise the specter of Fulci (a man with three entries on the official DPP video nasties list) when reviewing a book aimed at younger readers? For that alone Gartward deserves some kudos.” (frightfest)

“The book is one hell (sorry) of a page turner. I actually had to pace myself reading it” (MTUK)